Teacher Professional Development

Teachers’ Professional Trainings

In this professional teaching team, our teachers are role models for children and are sensitive about the educational changes in the new century. In this rapid growing society, our teachers will undergo professional trainings from time to time, including the aspects of learning and teaching, student support, team building, resources allocation, and together with theory learning and teaching practices at the same time. Through conferences, workshops, talks, training programmes, our teachers cooperate with the education sector and learn from each other through school visits, lesson visits and teachers’ sharing.

Teachers’ Fellowship

An effective teaching team is formed by the trust and cooperation between teachers and the school managing teams, as to build a positive, active learning and working environment. We focus on both the physical and mental health of our teachers, thus organizing activities through teachers’ fellowship, including: camping, sharing, gaming in order to connect the mind of our teachers and god. By sharing and communicating with each other, our teachers are able to build close and trust-worthy relationships; taking good care of our children as well as the community.

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