School Features

Let children to grow with life experiences.

We believe that every child shall be loved.

We believe that every child is unique.

We believe that every child is talented.

We believe that every child will succeed.

Programme Objectives

To nurture the moral, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of children;

To build correct lifestyles and healthy bodies;

To cultivate learning interest and exploration spirit;

To build correct values and active attitudes;

To love god, all people around them and themselves.

Programme Arrangements

Our spiral curriculum provides a variety of activities in order to enhance the learning interest of children and nurture an active learning attitude. Through a spiral curriculum design with activities, including outdoor visits, interviewing, researching and exploring, our children are able to learn in diverse modes.

Teaching Methods / Activities

Enhance language ability through story telling

Enhance aesthetic feeling through music activities

Introduce table manner during tea time

Develop muscles control ability through sports

Develop self-care skills and sense of sharing through game playing

Develop social skills through collective games

Learning Assessment

Our school records children’s learning effectiveness through continuous observation. We collect children’s coursework samples regularly for record and analysis purposes in order to understand the development of children; we integrate the data into learning history files for reference as well.

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