Parent Event


Our Parent-Volunteers Team recruits parents’ volunteers annually in order to promote school events, for instance: making teaching materials, taking care of children in events, school events’ decoration. Apart from knowing more about the school, it is meanwhile a chance to enhance communication between school and parents, aiming to build a sense of belongings to school and foster the connection in between.

Parents’ Talk

During the developmental stage of children, parents shall provide support and care for healthy development. In order to assist parents to know more about their children, our school organizes parents’ talk from time to time, in order to enhance parent-child relationship, thus children shall learn happily in school.

Parents' Workshop

Undergoing significant changes in modern society, parenting has become a challenge. Our school often co-operates with community-based organizations, providing series of workshops, helping families with young children connect, learn, play, and grow together. We offer comprehensive enrichment activities designed to help parents build relationships as well as educational tools and vehicles focused on child development and parenting.

Parent-child Workshop

Parent-child workshop is the best activity for boosting relationships. Throughout these years, parents actively join our workshops and devote into creative events, thus children are able to develop their creativity and have more time to spent with their parents and enjoy their parent-child time.

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