Words from Principal

Joint Our Hands for Better Early Childhood Education

With God’s grace, it is my honour to share the same vision with all members of the school and pass our blessings to all parents and children: we all work hard for the future of our children.

Education is a job related to human; yet, it is harder than whoever could imagine, in particular for early children education, as the saying goes: ‘The child is father of the man.’ Early childhood education deeply affects the life path of a child, just as the bible says, ‘train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ The sentence is short but the meaning is deep, it tells the importance and responsibility of early childhood educators.

Nowadays, parents love their children whole-heartedly. As the saying goes, ‘don’t let your child to lose at the starting line’, it seems to be the expectation, or even demands, towards their children. Parents are keen to provide the best living environment in order to nurture children as progressive and confident high achievers. Yet, the wants from parents seems to neglect the health, self-care ability, creativity, logical development and Analytical ability of children, as well as their learning interest, which negatively affects the whole-person development and academic development of children.

As a professional early childhood educator, the objective of our school is to cultivate children who are willing to overcome challenges and love their lives. We nurture children who love learning, who learn to learn, who are creative, logical and able to solve problems, and we treat it as the obligation of all our teachers. Our school insists these aims and provide learning environment that suits the whole-person development of children: we put out children first and help them grow strong.

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