Student Support

Newbie Adoption Programme

The school understands that parents are worried about whether young children entering the school can adapt to school life. In view of this, the school will hold parent meetings every year before the school starts, so that parents can understand the school’s background and our ways of teaching, as well as to understand children’s physical and mental emotions at the fresh beginning of school. Our school will arrange a fun week for newly entry students and organize on-campus visits to increase children ’s understanding to our school. Meanwhile, class teachers and religious teachers will organize home visits to understand children ’s family status and background in order to foster home-school relationship.

School Social Worker

Our school participated the ‘Kids We Love’ Programme by St. James’ Settlemen, aiming to provide parent-child and group activities for parents and children. The registered social worker will provide assistance for families in need, in order to cultivate the positive emotion and social relationships of children, as well as to provide education and emotion assistance for parents.

Social Gatherings

The social workers regularly organize different types of social groups to build a platform for children with interactive games, mental interpretation of textbooks and role-playing activities, and enhance children ’s self-confidence and ability to communicate with others.

Bridge-Integrated Education Service

Our school participated in the programme ‘On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services – Bridge-Integrated Education Service’ organized by the Social Welfare Department and Hong Kong Christian Service, aiming to provide a whole-person development and trainings for children with special education needs. Our school cooperates with professional team members, including education physiologists, speech theorists, occupational therapist, physical therapist, SEN trainers and social workers, in order to provide early rehabilitation services, as to help SEN children to integrate into our school.

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