Joyful Parent Space

Joyful Parent Space is a parent network organized by our school and the Asbury Methodist Church. By organizing a variety of activities, such as DIY Workshop, talks, and camps, parents are able to share their parental experiences and learn from each other; support and care the members of the group.

Date & Time:Every Thursday Morning(8:45am – 11:30am)

Venue:3/F Activity Room

The Parenting Children Programme

The Parenting Children Course is created by Alpha Hong Kong, through the sharing of parental experiences, the course builds a set of parenting advice and skills that suits our parents, including:

Role of Family (Elements to build a healthy family)

  1. Fulfilling the needs of children (5 ways to express love)
  2. Set rules (To cultivate self-disciplined children, to respect authority and build a sense of security)
  3. Social relationships (Help children to express emotion appropriately)
  4. Long-term goals (To train independent children, to build correct values and to pass their faith)

Parent-child Alpha Course

Parent-child Inspirational Programme is a course offered by our school and the Asbury Methodist Church, aiming to inspire parents in exploring the basic background of Christian, which is tailor-made for those who are interested in joining Christianity. Through gatherings, video watching and discussion, participants are able to learn more about Christianity and god. In the past, parents joined the programme and successfully enhance their knowledge and trust towards god, and to explore their meaning of life.

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