Campus Facilities

We provide a warm, pleasant and safe learning environment in order to foster the active learning and whole-person development of children. The school building contains 3 floors and is well-equipped with 6 standard classrooms, 2 multi-functional rooms, a school hall, a prayer room and a music room. For outdoor facilities, there is a 5,500 square foot playground with gaming facilities and a garden. The pleasant campus facilities with assistance teaching equipment provide the best learning experiences for our children to learn and explore.

School Building

The school building has a large, warm indoor and outdoor learning environment, which contains 3 floors with totally 12,000 square foot.

Outdoor playground

The 5,500 square foot playground allows big events, like carnivals, festival celebrations, group games, etc. Children are allowed to use different kinds of equipment while participating in sports activities.

Outdoor Play Area

The Outdoor Play Area offers the highest standards of safety, which is  the best place in school for walk and relax. It has climbing frame, bars,  slides, etc. that suitable for children to crawl, climb, walk and run. The Play Area is therefore the children’s favourite! 

School Backyard

The School Backyard create a fresh, beautiful, comfortable environment to improve the urban conditions. Children can experience planting and exploring, so as to raise their interests and knowledge of the environment.


The Hall

The Hall provides an indoor activity area in rainy days. The hall also contains a stage, which allows performances and big events, like monthly Children Prayer Services, parents’ talk, Christmas performances, etc.

Music Room

The Music Room contains a variety of musical instruments that allows children to enjoy music and exploration. The full-length mirror allows children to see their postures.

Classroom for Nursery

The school has a 393 square foot classroom, which is specially for Nursery toddlers, aged 2-3. The environment is designed to be safe, to enrich the senses and provide objects that promote active exploration and stimulate cognitive development as well as fine and gross-motor skills. 

Classrooms for Preschool

There are totally 6 standard, licensed classroom with 416-533 square foot. Through developmentally appropriate and self-directed activities, our preschoolers can follow their unique interests and learning preferences as they develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Our teachers provide a wide range of instructional strategies and activities to encourage meaningful and engaged learning.

Multi-functional Room

The Multi-functional Room provides a variety of supplementary teaching appliances, like wifi, laptop, projector, audio equipment, etc., which allows a variety of activities like parents’ talk, Joyful Parent activities, parent-child workshops, etc.

Multi-functional Room
The Multi-functional Room provides spaces for small-group learning and sometimes community collaboration activities, like dental check and talks.
Prayer Room

The Prayer Room provides a variety of supplementary teaching appliances, like wifi, laptop, projector, audio equipment, etc., which provides a quiet, calm environment for children to have their religious class and to pray.

Asbury Garden

The Asbury Garden is a place for children to calm and relax. In autumn, the children can enjoy barbecue and picnic here!

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